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Installing CCTV cameras with microphones

If your CCTV system lacks optimum security, hire a dedicated CCTV and security expert to offer sound recording features.

If you are researching into installing wireless waterproof CCTV systems to provide a high security level throughout your property, then use rated Southampton trades men to install CCTV cameras enabled with audio capabilities, whether you require discreet CCTV security systems or DSS night vision wired CCTV kits.

Further to recording streamed images when attached to DVR recording unit, audio ready video cameras can alert users to sound if intruders are concealed, and assist in keeping watch over remote locations.

How dedicated security experts in Southampton can install smoke detectors

A practiced alarm and security installer can install your mains powered smoke alarm to protect your home.

Ionisation smoke alarms can be programmed in central locations in rooms, so when smoke is detected, a beeping will sound from the unit.

Reputable Southampton tradespeople can set up mains powered smoke detectors once the ideal location has been identified, and use screws to install the unit on the walls in your kitchen, and if the smoke detectors are mains powered, these can be interconnected with other units.

Smoke alarm models with hush buttons should be inspected once a year to ensure smoke alarms are maintained.