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Are you living with too many old knobs and you think it's time for a change?!

From removing old tarnished door handles and fitting rose handles to relocating a staircase for easier access our team of Chester carpenters and joiners are waiting to help.

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We have carpenters and joiners in Chester who cover all aspects of the carpentry and are the most competitive in town.

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Hiring a reputable carpenter to produce casings for windows and doors

If you are aiming to add new door and window casings to your dwelling the skills of a reliable carpenter will be vital. Our Chester carpentry specialists are well practiced in the installation of door and window casings and can provide their services Our Chester trades people have vast levels of experience working with such materials as solid oak to install adorning yet serviceable casings to provide additional character to your home.

Enlisting the services of reliable carpenter to create sash timber windows

When aspiring to add new sash timber windows to your house a capable carpenters skills are critically important.

Our Chester carpenters can install timber sash windows in an array of different woods including blackthorn timber designs for less than you might think.

Chester tradesmen can install sash windows in an assortment of designs.

Should you need horizontal sliding timber sash windows, or a traditional double-hung sash window, our carpenters can be relied on to get the job done to your high expectations.