Builders in Wrexham

Wrexham has a myriad of listed buildings of various ages and styles giving the area a rich heritage and showcasing the skills of many generations of builders involved in the construction of the town as it stands today.

Finding a quality Wrexham builder you can trust is imperative when looking for someone to take on your project, so we have made finding an expert easy by using

For new builds to repairs, alterations to renovations, extensions to conversions, if you’re looking for a builder in Wrexham then we have the professionals for you! Fast response, friendly local services, no obligation quotes as standard. Call or complete the online form today.

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Architectural consultation and project operation in your custom designed structure

When entering upon a task the magnitude of building your own home, a measure of project management when combined with the aid of an architect is extremely sensible.

Wrexham builders are ready to be in place to ensure that the management of your plot and erection of your property goes ahead without any problems.

And when twinned with the services of a specialist architect, you'll find that your ideal home can be yours promptly and inexpensively by Wrexham tradesmen.

Transforming houses into separate flats

To separate terraced houses into apartments, a sensible trades men in Wrexham will survey the building. Detached houses bought at auction can be upgraded by a dedicated Wrexham builder into flats and extra living accommodation. An expert tradespeople in Wrexham can carry out renovations on large buildings projects.

When you want to have properties refurbished as part of a property development project and to install piping for new bathrooms, a reputed Wrexham tradesmen will carry out the home restorations. An established trade experts in Wrexham will convert the house, from studio apartments in period properties to canal side apartments. To separate interior spaces, an established builder in Wrexham will apply for planning permission, before embarking on town houses improvements.

To separate detached houses into apartments, a sensible Wrexham tradespeople will survey the building. Structural assessments will be performed by a master building specialist in Wrexham to ensure the building is safe.