Builders in Southampton

Southampton is a haven of ancient and aged structures which have achieved listed status due their age and/or significance. For historical building enthusiasts no trip would be complete without going to see the Bargate, a gateway to the town dating from the 12th century; the inappropriately named King Johns Palace - it is no longer believed King John ever stayed there, although it is still a fine example of a 12th century town house; and St Michaels Church which dates even further back to the 11th century and has a late medieval vault. All have ancient monument status and exhibit building know how of their era.

Not all tradespeople who advertise themselves as builders have the necessary skills to make sure a project is completed to a professional standard but at we only pass your details to quality reliable Southampton builders so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re in expert hands.

Providing contact details and a summary of the work you require, using the online submission form, will generate responses from builders in Southampton, usually within the hour.

Using a builder to adapt basements into living space

A qualified Southampton builder will add living spaces by doing conversions on buildings. Period properties with unused basement space can be used as functional rooms. If you need extra room for family, and provide damp proofing solutions, and fitting drainage facilities for bathrooms.

Underground basements can be improved by a practiced Southampton tradespeople to provide storage in detached houses and can be excavated to house windows to let natural light flood the basement room.

Converting to integrated garages that a builder can build

If you have disused space in your home, then an in-built garage solution will provide you with secure car storage. A reputable building firm in Southampton can change spare disused rooms into a garage space. An established tradespeople in Southampton can ensure that garage walls are insulated using flexible insulation boards.

Should your home already have an integrated garage and therefore needs remodelling, a master Southampton trades experts can fit new storage and shelving and replace garage door mechanisms. A capable builder in Southampton building the garage can locate drainage facilities, and if the garage is being converted, a Southampton tradespeople will lay slab foundations for new walls maintaining car insurance to ensure your vehicle is safe.