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One of the most stand-out buildings in Peckham is the local library which won the architectural Stirling Prize in 2000. A modernistic approach to structure can be seen in the L shaped building which, although not to the taste of all, can only be described as striking and is most certainly the source of much discussion whether good or bad.

The beauty of quality building professionals is their ability to take a creative vision and turn it into reality. Now you would probably not be interested in extending your kitchen in an homage to the library building but, if you should so wish, can put you in contact with reliable building experts who can do just that.

Obviously most building projects will be much simpler and competitive quotes can be obtained by just inserting the details requested online for a response from expert Peckham builders.

Milen Building Services

I am a builder and work together with friends that are top in their trade (plumbers, plasterers, bricklayers etc.). I have been in this business,...

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Billa Scaffolding

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MJB Construction and Maintenance Ltd

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Transforming period properties into apartments

Period detached houses can be improved by a reputable Peckham building expert into a number of flats.

If your town houses has to be converted to be sold on and to reposition internal walls, a knowledgeable Peckham tradespeople will handle property renovations.

Friendly trade experts in Peckham will adjust the town house, from small studios in city lets to large multi-storey flats.

To execute restorations on terraced houses a capable builder in Peckham can apply for planning permission, before embarking on properties improvements.

Trained Peckham trades men can execute improvements on large buildings projects.

Hiring a building specialist to renovate rooms

Moving home is time consuming and costly, and as many detached houses have outbuildings in the grounds or unused rooms, a reputable building firm in Peckham can be relied on to deliver renovations around rooms. Should a nursery be needed for a new family member, bathroom spaces can be restored into usable bedroom space in buildings. It may be advisable for tradespeople in Peckham to acquire planning permission if extensions are being built or if the converted property is listed.

Practiced Peckham tradesmen will plumb in kitchens updated from a storage room, and fit insulating boards in load bearing walls for bedrooms in attic restorations, having designed and measured the room to keep to building regulations during improvements.