Asbestos Removal Specialists in the UK

Why use one of our licensed asbestos removers?

Our trusted asbestos removal specialists are on hand to provide quality workmanship and health and safety management during your asbestos contract. They are experts in the removal of asbestos from industrial and residential buildings as well as fire damaged structures so are equipped to deal with any scenario. No matter what you require, our professionals maintain the appropriate level of insurance throughout any series of works and undergo regular auditing (either internally or via a third party) to ensure quality control. Whether you are a public or private sector client, the contractors found via can assist causing minimal inconvenience and producing the highest levels of service.

What services do our asbestos removal companies deliver?

The skilled asbestos companies found via can assist you with a wide range of high quality services for both commercial and residential customers. As well as being specialists in the removal or repair of dangerous and often fatal asbestos materials, the asbestos companies in your area can test for and identify ACMs with Type 1, 2 or 3 surveys and devise an appropriate course of action. In addition to this, they conduct contaminated land clearance and sterilise industrial systems to improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace or site. Our established professionals work with you to develop effective asbestos management tailor-made to your individual needs.

Do you require an asbestos contractor?

The use of asbestos as a building material was particularly popular in the UK from the late 1950's to mid Î80's and today is found in millions of residential and commercial properties nationwide. If left undisturbed the asbestos materials cause no problems but many properties require assessment, treatment or management due to the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Our asbestos removal companies are fully trained and insured to deal with any eventuality. Utilising ARCA-approved techniques, our network of locally sourced asbestos removers specialise in the removal, encapsulation and disposal of asbestos materials, debris and contaminated land.